Sophie’s Cookbook


Sophie’s Cookbook

delicious lιmnos recipes for all seasons

Sophie hapsi
Photographs: Pantelis pravlis
artistic supervision: Photini stephanidi
English version: bruce walter

stephanidi publications

ISBN: 978-618-5311-15-5

Pages: 360
Size: 22×24 cm
Soft cover



Sophie’s Cookbook

delicious lιmnos recipes for all seasons

Τhe host of delicious meals, desserts and home-baked bread that grace the table Sophie Hapsi has laid for us in this book are almost all made from the produce of her native island, Limnos, and they make full use of the best each season has to offer. Along with the recipes, we are taken on a journey down memory lane, travelling from spring to summer then on to autumn and into the rare snow of a Limnos winter. It is a journey filled with fascinating insights. We learn how island cheese was made, how meat was made to last for months, how refugees from Asia Minor brought new dishes to the island a century ago, how its women often shared their tasks and the inventive ways they conjured appetizing meals from the simplest and cheapest of ingredients, many of them gathered from the fields and seashore. And all is brought to vivid life by the brilliant photography of Pantelis Pravlis.

Το βιβλίο κυκλοφορεί και στα ελληνικά με τον τίτλο ΕΥΩΧΙΑ ΛΗΜΝΟΥ.

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