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Gods in Love II en



GREEK MYTHOLOGY / Language: English
Photini Stephanidi
ISBN: 978-960-98046-7-7 
Pages: 160
Cover: Soft
Dimensions: 11,5×17 cm


Gods in Love II

Extract fro mthe book Gods in Love II:

Hylas and Dryope

His finely-chiselled lips met the softness of her green ones; his golden skin brushed the pale blue of hers; his sun-bleached locks drifted and mingled with her emerald tresses; and the azure of his eyes sank and was lost eternally in the deep sapphire of hers. She was the nymph Dryope, swelling and spreading for his joy till her embrace encompassed all the lake and she drew him down for ever into her sweet depths, to give him life eternal with her love. A ripple spread across the water as Eros skimmed its surface with his wings and left in search of other conquests. Now all was as before: only a quiet lake fringed with trees, with nothing but the empty pitcher floating on the water to tell of what had passed.(…)

Gods in Love II
In a modern approach to the myth, seventeen erotic encounters unfold in the pages of the first book of the series: Zeus, Semeli, Pasiphai, Callisto, Artemis, Narcissus, Daphne, Mars, Apollo, Persephone, Selini, Io, Adonis, Asteria, Aphrodite, Pluto, Daphne, Europe and many other legends of Greek mythology linked to love.

In Greek, you will find this story in the book Eros Mythoplokos, which is published by Stephanidi Publications.

The WORDS OF LOVE series aspires to highlight and communicate to English-speaking audiences stories from Greek mythology about Eros, with a special aesthetic  for each book of the series.

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