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Gods in Love I en



GREEK MYTHOLOGY / Language: English
Photini Stephanidi
ISBN: 978-960-98046-6-0
Pages: 160
Cover: Soft
Dimensions: 11,5×17 cm



Gods in Love I

Gods in Love I
In a modern approach to the myth, seventeen erotic encounters unfold in the pages of the first book of the series: Zeus, Semeli, Pasiphai, Callisto, Artemis, Narcissus, Daphne, Mars, Apollo, Persephone, Selini, Io, Adonis, Asteria, Aphrodite, Pluto, Daphne, Europe and many other legends of Greek mythology linked to love.

Extract from the book Gods in Love I:

Poseidon and Pasiphae

Knowing for certain where her steps will lead, Pasiphae strides proudly through the fields and orchards of her kingdom. She is dressed as if to receive some person of importance: a long gown that leaves her breasts uncovered, its skirt shaped like a lily and dyed the deepest turquoise, and its scant top crocus-yellow. She wears a conical hat of the same shade as her skirt and is decked in precious jewels of coral and amber. Her scarlet sandals, of the softest leather, are dyed with cochineal. Against the fresh green of the pastureland she seems too vivid to be real.
The whole of her being is possessed by love, a love that glitters fiercely in her eyes. And these eyes, meticulously outlined with blacklamp and dark blue, stand out from a great distance. Her haste and her desire have surely no connection with her husband.

Her figure recedes as she leaves the fields behind and goes down to the shore, where her turquoise figure becomes one with the open sea. The words of Aphrodite are ringing in her ears: ‘He is coming. You will see him now’. And sure enough, the depths of the sea begin to boil with foam, and from that foam, majestic and slow-paced, a jet-black bull now looms, as splendid as a god. Pasiphae is certain – she knows from Aphrodite: this bull is none other than Poseidon.(…)


In Greek, you will find this story in the book Eros Mythoplokos, which is published by Stephanidi Publications.

The WORDS OF LOVE series aspires to highlight and communicate to English-speaking audiences stories from Greek mythology about Eros, with a special aesthetic  for each book of the series.



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