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The gods of the heavens. The flight of Phaethon. Dionysus and wine. Dionysus and Icarius. The campaignes of Dionysus. The Tyrrhenian pirates. Pan, the god of shepherds. Midas and his sufferings.

Series B: Gods and Men

Illustration:Yiannis Stefanides
Author: Menelaos Stefanides
Translation: Bruce Walter
ISBN: 960-425-023-X
Age: 6-12.

Fully Illustrated
Pages: 40
Dimension: 21.5×29 cm




Extract from the book Phaethon:

Although he did not really believe that there was any way of saving him, Helios took a magic ointment and smeared it on the young man’s body so he would not be burned by the flames. And then he said in a despairing voice:

“Hold the reins firmly, my son, so that the horses do not realize that they are in the hands of an inexperienced driver. Do not use the whip on them at all, in case they turn savage. Keep to the wheel-tracks you see in the sky. As you go up, be careful not to stray from your path and get lost. When you reach the heights, do not look down, in case you feel dizzy. And on the down-ward path, draw the reins in hard, lest the chariot topple over and be smashed to pieces on the earth below. But what is the point of my telling you all this? Let me drive the chariot. The time has come when we must light up the earth. Here comes Eos to open the gates.”

Also available in greek language under the title “Φαέθων”.

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