The Lotus I Notebook


 The Lotus I Notebook

Pages: 192
Cover: Hard with Gold-printing
Dimensions: 21.5 × 13.5 cm
All notebooks are free of internal striping.

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 The Lotus I Notebook Ι

 The Lotus I Notebook.

Since the antiquity, the lotus is considered a divine symbol and in Eastern traditions it symbolizes the virtue of purity and non-adhesion.
Most Buddhist and Hindu deities are depicted sitting in lotus flower. Lotus is a symbol of the purity of body, reason and thought as it blooms above the blurry waters of attachment and desire. According to the myth, Gautama Buddha walked as soon as he was born and many lotus were flourishing in every step.

In the Mystic Journal note book series, archetypal symbols adorn the covers from a collection of eight different designs embossed with rotogravure, inspired by the inner tradition of both the east and the west.
Each notebook will find it attached to a hard cover with rounded corners and gold lining, including a silk bookmark and a round decorated back. The note of visual or non-content is made possible since the paper selected for its interior is a European pallet and its pages are not striped.
Also inside you will find a short description of the cover sign in Greek and English.
The materials used are ecological and recyclable.


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Dimensions 21 × 13 cm


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